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Adrienne Jung

Making the complex easy to understand, the intricate seem simple.”

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My philosophy centers around

making the little 
things easy, so
big things become possible.

Most recently, that has translated into launching eeva, where we make managing life's details a breeze. I launched eeva to level the playing field between work & home - using technology to make my life as easy as companies were trying to make my work. 

Before that, I led a successful career in operational leadership in the startup and nonprofits sectors, overseeing strategy execution and aligning the operations based on the organizations' goals.


Awards &

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Words of

“She makes the complex easy to understand, [...] the intricate seem simple."
“She has a remarkable talent of identifying problems & solutions far quicker than most."
“She has helped me evolve in my career, encouraging me to take leaps of faith."

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