Operational leadership is complex, impacting every aspect of the business model. I can work with you to see how the individual elements of your organization fit together and work to create the larger outcome. When looking at the issues, my focus is on what systems and processes are needed or will be impacted.


There’s no better path to achieving your goals than creating a plan, and working the plan (with continual feedback and iteration along the way). I can help you establish a theory of change that clearly conveys the what, why and how and steadily guide employees/users through that change through direct and transparent communications.

The success of an organization is dependent on its people. I help companies create resilient, compassionate, and successful teams by developing solutions for your unique challenges. Whether it is figuring out your benefits plan or helping your team define their values, I can help.


Organizational structures demonstrate how power and responsibilities are distributed across the organization. Structure will bring more clarity, help manage expectations, enable better decision-making and provide consistency. I can help you thoughtfully design a structure that enables high performance with strong communication and coordination channels.


Successful strategy execution requires an integrated set of choices and a strong commitment to change across all levels of the organization. Executives need to prepare for handling the dual competing priorities of implementing your new strategy and managing your ongoing business. I can help you align your strategy to your capabilities for flawless execution.


Performance planning and evaluation doesn’t need to be cumbersome. But it does need to be clear, transparent and equitable. I can help you translate your organizational strategy into a people performance strategy that makes clear what’s expected of employees and demonstrates how they’ll be evaluated and rewarded for going above and beyond.


Operations are your business's day-to-day organizational activities that create unique value and achieve core objectives. It plays a distinctive role that contributes towards the overall success of the organization.

Every organization has its own vision, capabilities, and challenges. I can meet you where you are, and together, we’ll design the next steps to help your team, serve your mission, and set you up for sustainable growth.



“She has a remarkable talent of identifying problems and solutions far quicker than most… I recommend Ms. Jung without hesitation.” 

Jarrod Nichol - Associate Director, Operations and Administration, MBA, PMP, CLSSBB, Prosci