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C2 Montreal

Have you heard of the C2 conference?

It happens here in Montreal, over 3 days, and focuses on Commerce & Creativity (hence ‘C2’).

I attended this year for the first time, after being named one of their 2024 Emerging Entrepreneurs. I’ve always wanted to go, and spoiler alert: it did not disappoint! 🤩

C2 prides itself on bringing together people of different backgrounds and industries, and focusing on the people and stories that drive those industries forward.

I’ve attended many conferences, but C2 was different. It took me outside of my comfort zone in a surprising and deliberate way, pushing me to think about things differently. While many events claim to push boundaries, this one actually does. Because why shouldn’t you try to understand neurodiversity through the art of pasta making? Or think about what parts of a language get lost in translation when interacting with AI, through engaging sound art?

I’ll be the first to admit that some of it went over my head: if you know me, you know that the subtleties of certain art forms can sometimes be lost on me. But through experiences and events like C2, I am learning and broadening my horizons.

I was exposed to different concepts, engaged with people I would not ordinarily cross paths with, and listened to a wide variety of opinions on current events and topics.

By far, my favourite consideration of all was the focus on society in its various forms. It was clear that the thesis of the event was that people are at the heart of business, even in the age of technology. It was people’s stories and perspectives that were put at the forefront, as a starting point for the ensuing conversations. Because don’t we all identify more with humanity, at a time when artificial intelligence is being pushed on us all so forcefully? 🤔

And as a last little fun takeaway: this will come as no surprise to any of you, but I also left feeling like I need to rethink my wardrobe. Walking among individuals expressing themselves so clearly through their style had me re-evaluate the narrative I’m telling with my own. 

So if you’re looking for events that will both challenge and amaze you, I definitely recommend C2. I hope to be able to attend next year again, and this time, you’d better believe that I will be dressed to impress!! 😎


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